Amoroso Studio Policy

Registration: Amoroso Music  Registration is Free and qualifies students for a Free first lesson with no obligation. Amoroso Music  wishes to ensure our teaching style compliments students’ learning needs. Registration can be completed on the website, click Registration


Tuition:  Lessons are payable in advance and may be purchased in blocks of four lessons at standard rates, or blocks of ten at a discounted price listed on the Amoroso Music Website .

Ongoing lessons will be invoiced in advance.   Payment due within seven days of Invoice date. 

If payment is not received by the due date, a reminder will be sent via email or SMS.  In the event payment is more than fourteen days overdue, lessons will be suspended until overdue accounts are paid.  Lesson dates will be cancelled, and new dates will be negotiated.

Bank transfers, personal cheques, or cash are acceptable forms of payment.  A $30.00 fee will be reserved in the event of a returned cheque.


Material Fees:  There are fees for teaching materials. Students will purchase materials required after the first lesson with the teacher. All students will require the following:

  • A musical instrument to ensure a regular practice routine.
  • A Method Book as recommended by the teacher.  Should a student be continuing lessons after attending a different studio, the current Method Book they have been using will be completed unless deemed unsuitable.
  • Students who wish to study for ANZCA or AMEB examinations will be required to purchase all required materials including a Grade Book, Study Book, Sight Reading (instrument and level appropriate) and Technique Book (instrument and level appropriate).


Lessons:  are scheduled on a weekly basis in thirty, forty-five or sixty minute increments. 

  • Lessons are held once a week.  Date, time, and duration are agreed upon between the student and Amoroso Music and a schedule of dates will be reserved for each student.  
  • Lessons are offered for the full year except during the summer school break. Students are welcome, and encouraged, to take lessons in January.
  • Lessons will not be conducted on public holidays and students will not be charged for these dates. Students who wish to reschedule lessons that fall on public holidays are encouraged to do so.
  • In Studio Students are expected to arrive at their lesson on time and, especially in instances where an instrument requires assembly to arrive a few minutes early. Additional time may be offered at the end of a lesson if the student is late, at the teacher’s discretion and dependent on whether there is a lesson scheduled in the next time slot. 
  • Online students should also prepare early and be in the waiting room, instrument at hand and ready to begin the lesson. Always inform your teacher via email, SMS, or phone call if you are detained. Online lessons will not  be recorded without the express permission of the teacher, student and, in the case of minors under the age of 18, parent or guardian.
  • All Students late for class without notice will be given 15 minutes to arrive. After 15 minutes, the teacher will close the link and the lesson fee will be forfeited.


Cancellations:  If a lesson is to be cancelled it must be done with at least twenty-four hours’ notice. The teacher can be contacted via Email, SMS, or telephone call by the adult student, or the responsible parent or guardian.

  • Lessons cancelled with twenty-four hours’ notice or more qualify for a make-up lesson. Students are permitted to book four make-up lessons a year. After four missed lessons, rescheduled lessons will be charged at the full rate.
  • Lesson fees will be forfeited for lessons cancelled with less than a twenty-four-hour notice except in extreme circumstances (e.g., illness or a death in the family). 
  • During school term breaks students will be permitted to cancel lessons with no charge so long as a two-week advance notice is provided.
  • If a student is unwell, they are required to cancel their lesson and will be offered a make-up lesson date. Cancellations, when possible, should be no later than 9:00a.m.
  • The teacher reserves the right to cancel a lesson for any reason. Students will be given at least a one week notice except in case of emergency.


Termination of Lessons:  One-month’s written notice from an Adult student, parent, or guardian responsible is required for termination of lessons.  A hard copy letter or an Email message are acceptable forms of notice. In the event the student discontinues lessons with insufficient notice, the student/parent will be liable for lesson costs during the notice period.



By registering, the student, parent, or their guardian state they have read and fully understand the policies outlined in this document. Furthermore, the Adult Student, Parent or Guardian responsible agree to abide by all policies, including those specifically related to payment.